Conference V3 Webinar – Video & PowerPoint Play Back Quick Tips

The power of live video conferencing webinars for your customers, prospects or indeed peers and staff is no doubt very productive, time saving and financially rewarding.

As the iPRO-Conference V3 software enables Moderators to use either the Video or PowerPoint features whilst streaming in audio video streaming mode (if desired). we’ve included a couple of tips commonly asked by you via our help desk.

As proven, video streaming is very powerful as is video playback during live or recorded webinars.

Video Playback

You (Moderators Only) can either play your own uploaded video’s or indeed YouTube video’s to your audience.

Now please follow these guide lines.

1/ You can play .FLV, .F4V, .MP4, .MOV. Notice please, some formats, such as .MOV cannot be supported by your guests computers.

2/ Each file must not exceed 128Mb – if your file is larger, break this file down to several files.

3/ Youtube can be played back provided it is NOT set to private viewing within YouTube.

4/ Always play the complete video BEFORE your conference meeting to ensure everything works smooth.

Power Point – Presentation Playback

Now please follow these guide lines.

1/ Each .pps file must not exceed 128Mb – if your file is larger, break this file down to several files.

2/ Ensure BEFORE uploading the file to your conference room the file is NOT PASSWORD protected.

3/ The presentation player can be set to play each slide automatically or manually by the moderator using the player controls >> or << (as per image above) or by selecting the miniature preview slides on the left side of the screen. 4/ Moderators can choose to optimize the screen to show full screen of the presentation to guests by choosing full screen mode. 5/ Every presentation should be played through by the moderator at least once prior to any conference meeting to ensure the playback is smooth without issues. 6/ Most marketers suggest the moderator turn off his/her webcam to ensure the audience focus is on the presentation slides and not you.

Now the last tip for this post is regarding the drawing panel as seen by moderators during the presentation.

For obvious reasons, the drawing panel enables Moderators to write or draw directly onto the power point slide as would be the case to highlight a product feature etc.

If the drawing panel is not desired, simply click the hide button as shown in the image above.

Alright, there we have it for today’s Video and Presentation playback tips.

If you need any further assistance, visit our FAQ, User Manual webpages or indeed customer’s can of course contact us via the Conference V3 Help Desk.

I’m Anthony Hosking, thanks for coming by our blog.

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Conference V3 Webinar Software Multiple Languages

Conference V3 webinar conferencing software has recently been upgraded to include 21 international languages for the room interface.

So what does this mean for conference room owners and users around the world? Please read on………….

The rooms interface language is automatically determined by the relative location of the incoming user. It means that all users from Russia will open the room with Russian language.

All users from Ukraine, will open the room with Ukrainian language. All users from Belarus, the Belorussian language, and so on.

Therefore, you as the room owner can install the your room language by default. It will allow all your users, regardless of their location to open the room with preset Russian language. Thus if your default language is Russian, even users from the USA or other countries, open your room with Russian language.

To set the default language, you need to send your users a room link like:,[LANGUAGE],[ROOM-ID]


  • [ROOM-ID] – code or the alias to your room

    Example languages in the room interface (for the variable [LANGUAGE]):

    • en – english
    • ru – russian
    • ua – ukrainian
    • by – belarusian
    • bg – bulgarian
    • pl – polish
    • cz – czech
    • fr – french
    • de – german
    • gr – greek
    • it – italian
    • es – spanish
    • pt – portuguese
    • se – swedish
    • si – slovenia
      and more………..

      Also, the room code (the variable [ROOM-ID]) can be replaced by an room alias that you have specified in the room settings.

      Customers can locate the above information inside our provided conference room control settings panel under the API heading.

      Prospects looking too evaluate and trial the conference room software
      may want to visit and experience just how easy
      and affordable this global video conferencing service really is.

      Till the next post, all the best.

      Anthony and the Conference V3 Team.

Seasonal Greeting Wishes

Happy Greetings! As we close out the 2011 year, I’d like to take a moment to say thank you for making 2011 a huge success. We couldn’t have done it without the support of our client community and it is because of you all that we continue to innovate and improve every single day.Great Way To Meet Cheap

Here in Australia, summer has arrived and looking forward to finishing the year strong and spending some time with our friends and family this holiday season.

A few reminders for you, our office is closed for the year starting Friday, December 23. In the interim limited staff will oversee services though we’ll be back in full force on the 3rd of January, ready to rock and roll!

If you have any questions during this time, our support team will be available via the usual means, so please utilize the support ticket forms available on the website.

From all of us at, we wish you a fun filled holiday season to you and your family and thank you for making 2011 an amazing year.

Our Best Wishes,
Anthony Hosking & Staff.

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Video And Audio Duplex Featured in V3.2.8

Duplex Audio Video Streaming

Latest software version V3.2.8 was released during the week as many of you have seen now.

Many changes and improvements have been included in this version and according to your feedback has been positively received.

Most of the excitement has surrounded the new x10 audio video duplex feature which compliments the new x10 duplex audio and private text chat functions.

Checkout the new feature list below.

Added full duplex mode for 10 guests in the room
Added feature to lock/unlock the room temporarily for the guests

Conference V3 Members List

Added users grouping in members list
(titles inc moderator, guests, questions etc)
Added feature for people who want to stream the music
Added feature to play MP3 audio files directly in the room as presenter or as speaker

Your Light Conference Rooms have also been upgraded and the following changes apply.

Added support for full-duplex mode
Added live show video viewer
Added presentation  viewer

We recommend all conference room users refresh the web-browser to ensure the latest version fully installs. (While Your Conference room is running)

So that’s it,please enjoy the new features.

Thanks so much for your continued iPROConference Group custom.

Anthony Hosking
CEO & Founder