Conference V3 Secure Video Web Conference Room SSL

As of today, all customers and guests attending our video web conferencing room will need to modify any saved, book marked conference room URL links from http:// to the secure,example only

Customers and video conference room administrators will now effectively need to access there conference room control panel using the new access URL below.

Additional to having a more secure log-in, the conference rooms will now functional normally using Chrome web browser.

Anthony Hosking

Transmita en directo su conferencia Web directamente a Facebook!

Transmita en directo su conferencia Web directamente a Facebook!

En primer lugar, vamos a considerar la utilidad de Facebook como una herramienta de marketing de negocios. El sitio, que cuenta con 1,71 millones de usuarios activos que lo usan cada mes y 1,13 mil millones de usuarios activos diarios en promedio, supera con creces cualquier otra herramienta de medios sociales.

Cuando se colocan videos, especialmente las sesiones en vivo en su página de Facebook, la gente sintoniza estos videos, los espectadores suelen pasar tres veces más tiempo viendo un video que está en vivo, que cuando el video no lo está.

El video es una gran cosa, basta con mirar los números:

Cuando haces una emisión de webinar en vivo, tu negocio mejora notablemente su imagen, y te conviertes en algo más que un logotipo o un eslogan. Tu marca cobra vida.

¿Está organizando un seminario de conferencia web? Si su empresa está recibiendo cualquier tipo de evento como un lanzamiento de producto o servicio, le sería muy beneficioso para su público de medios de comunicación social para ver y/o incluso participar, podría capitalizar en él en Facebook Live.

Transmita en directo su Conferencia Web directamente a Facebook!

Nuestra plataforma de conferencia web se ejecuta en asociación con Facebook en la entrega de una excelente transmisión en vivo para usted y su modelo de negocio.

Transmita en vivo en Facebook y aumente sus ventas, asistentes y espectadores.

Por ejemplo, incluso si usted tiene 5 personas en su webinar su transmisión en vivo puede ir viral! Si esos 5 asistentes comparten tu video en vivo, y cada uno de estos 5 asistentes tiene 1000 amigos en su lista de amigos. Tienes el potencial de llegar a más de 5000 espectadores.

Esta increíble capacidad de transmitir en vivo a Facebook a través de su propia reunión de conferencia web viene como un estándar de gran alcance y está incluido en nuestros paquetes.

Para obtener su descarga gratuita – por favor, haga clic aquí

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Live Stream Your Web Conference Directly to Facebook!

First, let’s consider the utility of Facebook as a business marketing tool. The site, with 1.71 billion active users using it each month and 1.13 billion daily active users on average, far exceeds any other social media tool.

When you place videos, especially Live sessions on your Facebook page, people tune in. Viewers typically spend three times as long watching a video that’s live than when the video isn’t.

Video is a big deal, just look at the numbers:

When you do a live webinar broadcast, your business becomes personable, and you become more than a logo or a slogan. Your brand comes to life.

Are you hosting a Web conference seminar? If your company is hosting any type of event such as a product or service launch that would be beneficial for your social media audience to watch or even participate in, capitalize on it on Facebook Live.

Live Stream your Web Conference Directly to Facebook!

Our web conferencing platform runs In partnership with Facebook in delivering an outstanding live Stream for you and your business model.

Stream Live to Facebook and increase your Sales, Attendees and Viewership.

For example even if you have 5 people on your webinar your live broadcast can go viral! If those 5 attendees share your live feed, and each one of these 5 attendees has 1000 friends in their friends list. You have a potential of reaching 5000+ viewers.

This incredible ability to Stream live to Facebook via your own web conference meeting comes as a powerful standard and is included in our packages.

To get your free download – please register click here

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Conference Software Update

ConferenceV3 room Moderators and owner’s are advised a new default setting has been implemented that now hides (removes) the members list from showing any members present inside the conference room.

Therefore when guests log-in the conference room, they cannot see the member list. (Attendee List)

To change this, the Moderator is required before or during a conference meeting to change this setting from yes to no. The NO setting will allow the members to appear and country flag to be seen by attendees for this conference meeting only, future meetings will require the same setting change if desired as per above.

However, if the default settings are not changed, only Moderators inside the conference room will see the member list. (all attendees / guests)


If you have any questions or comments, please contact the help desk team.

Best Regards
Anthony Hosking

WebConference App for Android Devices

Webconference App for Android

WebConference App for Android Devices

conference-appAttend meetings, webinars, and virtual classroom meetings with the new WebConference App.

View and participate – See Text ,Video with audio and more….  (Hosting meetings requires an WebConference App account.) Learn more about WebConference App and sign up for a free trial here

Web Conference App – Download Now


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Based on overwhelming feedback from our customers, we now have a New WebConference App that is ready for your guests to use. This application (App) is simply called WebConference. Our WebConference App will work on both Apple and Android Smartphones, … Continue reading

Video Web Conference Conference ios Android App

“It always seems impossible until its done” is one of my favorite Nelson Mandela quotes.


Whilst anything is possible l’d to inform our readers that very soon we will releasing a new video web conferencing services App to the Apple store for IOS devices and for Android devices.

For those wanting to try the current desktop version are welcome to take a free trial.

Till the next post, thank you for interest !

All the Best,
Anthony Hosking



2016 will be Epic. Filled with Prosperity, Power and Passion ! : Conference V3


Our best wishes to you all our customers.

2016 will be Epic. Filled with Prosperity, Power and Passion !

Sole, myself and the team would like to wish you all the best for 2016 and thank you for your continued support year after year.

soledad-wenzel-anthony-hoskingWe’ve enjoyed helping you grow your businesses, church groups, education classes with our video conferencing software and most importantly building friendships.with you our client.

As the new year commences, many of you could be interested in our new 40% off yearly plans.

Have an awesome year !

Anthony, Sole and the team

Conference V3, wishes you a wonderful holiday season.





For the IT world, it’s been a year of security challenges – issues like Heart-bleed and Poodle made serious waves throughout the web, putting thousands of computers and devices under threat.

That said, our team managed to keep our video conferencing system safe from the common vulnerabilities and also launched new security measures to help you further protect your conference rooms.

The team at Conference V3 wishes you peace, joy and prosperity throughout the
coming year.

Thank you for your continued support and partnership.

We look forward to working with you in the years to come.

Best Wishes,
Anthony Hosking – Founder

Video Conference Services Maintenance


Kindly be informed that due to infrastructure upgrades by our upstream provider, Conference services may be impacted on the following dates:


* Sunday, September 14, 2014 from 00:00 to 06:00 CST
* Monday, September 15, 2014 from 00:00 to 06:00 CST
(U.S. Central time Zone)

During these maintenance windows expect up to 10 minutes of intermittent packet loss and routing issues throughout each 6 hour window.

Please consider this information if you will be planning to hold a conference call at this time.

To check these times in your city visit –

Thank you for patience and understanding in this matter.
Anthony Hosking – CEO