Video Web Conferencing 100% Browser-based – No downloads necessary to join meetings

Experience the Power of Video Conferencing Software On Demand

As a leading provider of low cost 100% browser-based web & video conferencing solutions, our solution provides businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes with the tools needed to meet and collaborate with clients, prospects or staff any where across the world.

100% Browser-based – Nothing to download in order to join a meeting. An Internet connection and a web browser is all that’s required. Get even more people visiting your meetings!

Cross Platform and Browser Compatible – works on all PC/MAC/LINUX computers
and is also compatible with all of the major internet browsers , including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

Video Conferencing with VoIP Audio – integrated VoIP audio, allowing meeting participants to speak with one another simply by using a standard headset/microphone.

Record your meetings in several common  formats such as .flv .avi

Live High Quality Video Feeds and you play your video’s and YouTube links as well.

Multi Language Interface allowing hosts and guests to choose the language they are most comfortable with plus a back-end control panel in multiple languages as well.

If that’s not enough how about Powerpoint slide sharing, Desk Top Sharing, Vote Polling
and too many more great features to mention here.

Starting from just $19.95 per month, Conference V3 has a solution guaranteed to fit your budget.

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Anthony Hosking – CEO

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Video conferencing with us is one of the smartest and most cost-efficient ways for you to make the most of your resources.

The reason is simple—we work around the clock taking care of the servers, the video conferencing network and you.

You don’t have to work on or think about the back-end ever again.

That’s the essence of our mission to you and that’s why we’re becoming the world’s best value online video conferencing service company.

Even the smallest home enterprise or small business can hold regular
video team meetings without the cost of an arm and leg.

From just $19.95 per month with unlimited use and without per minute charges or contracts.

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