Conference Room Viewer Status

ConferenceV3 customers have available within there conference room control settings panel an option to view there own conference room attendee status by inserting simple
html code into a website or blog.

Select option ” My Room Status”

The room status viewers to inject in your own web page The indicator shows that your room is active and there are some guests. You can place the indicator anywhere on your web site. The HTML code displayed is very simple and is compatible with all browsers.

The graphical status indicator come in multiple sizes and colors to suit your needs as shown in the following examples.

Anthony Hosking
CEO & Founder

Conference V3 Webinar Software Multiple Languages

Conference V3 webinar conferencing software has recently been upgraded to include 21 international languages for the room interface.

So what does this mean for conference room owners and users around the world? Please read on………….

The rooms interface language is automatically determined by the relative location of the incoming user. It means that all users from Russia will open the room with Russian language.

All users from Ukraine, will open the room with Ukrainian language. All users from Belarus, the Belorussian language, and so on.

Therefore, you as the room owner can install the your room language by default. It will allow all your users, regardless of their location to open the room with preset Russian language. Thus if your default language is Russian, even users from the USA or other countries, open your room with Russian language.

To set the default language, you need to send your users a room link like:,[LANGUAGE],[ROOM-ID]


  • [ROOM-ID] – code or the alias to your room

    Example languages in the room interface (for the variable [LANGUAGE]):

    • en – english
    • ru – russian
    • ua – ukrainian
    • by – belarusian
    • bg – bulgarian
    • pl – polish
    • cz – czech
    • fr – french
    • de – german
    • gr – greek
    • it – italian
    • es – spanish
    • pt – portuguese
    • se – swedish
    • si – slovenia
      and more………..

      Also, the room code (the variable [ROOM-ID]) can be replaced by an room alias that you have specified in the room settings.

      Customers can locate the above information inside our provided conference room control settings panel under the API heading.

      Prospects looking too evaluate and trial the conference room software
      may want to visit and experience just how easy
      and affordable this global video conferencing service really is.

      Till the next post, all the best.

      Anthony and the Conference V3 Team.