Sneak Peek New Conferencing Webinar Version V3.2.9

Today’s post provides everyone a “Sneak Peek”  of what’s coming in our new latest Video Conferencing Webinar Software Version v3.2.9

Very soon following final beta testing the company will be releasing this latest release for
new and existing customers. Unfortunately the sneak peek will only mention just ONE of many new exciting features to be included and this is on purpose not to show all our hand to our competitors just yet.

Yesterday’s test with almost 200 beta testers attending we able to see and hear 10 people stream real live audio and video all at the same time to all 200 people. And a headset is no longer required as we have perfected echo cancellation in the room.

Stay tuned as we are very close to releasing this very exciting new release!

Have a terrific day 🙂

Anthony Hosking

Sales ContactSupport

Adobe® Flash® Player – FireFox™ Issue For 1000’s Of Customers

RE : Adobe Flash Player 11.3.300.257

Adobe® Flash® Player has just been updated to version 11.3 on PC, Linux and Mac (OS X 10.6 & newer) systems.

There are quite a lot of updates to the flash plug-in including “major features, enhancements and bug fixes related to stability, performance”.

However, MOZILLA FIREFOX™ version 13 has an issue since today’s Adobe® Flash® Player Update and as a result our CONFERENCE Rooms will NOT LOAD / START.

To repeat, the latest FireFox™ web browser and the latest Adobe® Flash® player update has caused a problem for our Conference Rooms, YouTube™ and 1000’s of other services.

If your computer has today automatically updated Adobe® Flash® Player, then you have too wait until Mozilla FireFox / Adobe resolve this issue.

In this case, ALL CONFERENCE ROOMS USERS should use either (IE) Internet Explorer® or Chrome® web browsers.

We’re sorry for this inconvenience, hopefully Mozilla can rectify this problem urgently.

*Edit – June 12th – On further investigation Adobe itself recommends disabling Protected Mode until a fix comes out that is resolving the issue. The company highlights that it highly recommends to enable Protected Mode again once the troubleshooting is complete.

For those tech savvy users, this site has a good description on how to disable Protected mode, though for security reasons, I will not be doing this and will just use Chrome™ or
Internet Explorer™ until Mozilla Firefox™ resolves this problem.

**Edit – June 13th – On checking again late yesterday after another Adobe® Flash® Player re-install, the plug-in for Mozilla Firefox™ works as expected thankfully.

Best Regards,
Anthony Hosking – CEO


About Video Conference V3 Software

Video Conference V3 is seamless, just point-n-click on your web-browser starts your on-demand virtual video web conference room complete with fully integrated voice, video, data, text chat IM, Vote Polling and lot’s more.

An affordable video web conferencing service has arrived, take your video communication and collaboration experience to a whole new level.

It is no longer a service for deep pockets and companies seeking large profits. We have made it affordable for everyone.

Many other conferencing providers charge huge dollars because of massive overheads, not us! The company behind ConferenceV3 owns the store and runs the store, including
Lines of code – Hardware – Servers – Fiber optics – Location ( see gallery below to view the Conference Servers, UPS, Diesel Generator)

Most of the competition conference providers must recover there 3rd party overhead cost so they put the added cost onto you the consumers.

We have been providing video conferencing solutions for over 8 years. Nowhere in the video conferencing software space will you find everything that we offer for such a low monthly fee.

For more product details, please visit the company website using the website link below.

Feel free to contact us via the contact us webpage.

Thanks !
Anthony Hosking & Team

Conference V3 Social Platform Communication

Twitter allows us to quickly send updates and information to our following customers / public even when you are mobile.

Our traditional Support / Customer Service Help Desk will remain along with our contact us forms on the websites.

Furthermore, customers will retain there EP (Emergency
Pager) alert system located in each customers conference room control panel that directly alerts the server technicians within the data center’s in rare outage situations.

Lastly, Twitter would be invaluable should a disaster outage occur either internally or indeed externally with upstream major ISP’s, cyber attack and so on.

Thanks, and please follow us here >>