Conference V3 Webinar – Video & PowerPoint Play Back Quick Tips

The power of live video conferencing webinars for your customers, prospects or indeed peers and staff is no doubt very productive, time saving and financially rewarding.

As the iPRO-Conference V3 software enables Moderators to use either the Video or PowerPoint features whilst streaming in audio video streaming mode (if desired). we’ve included a couple of tips commonly asked by you via our help desk.

As proven, video streaming is very powerful as is video playback during live or recorded webinars.

Video Playback

You (Moderators Only) can either play your own uploaded video’s or indeed YouTube video’s to your audience.

Now please follow these guide lines.

1/ You can play .FLV, .F4V, .MP4, .MOV. Notice please, some formats, such as .MOV cannot be supported by your guests computers.

2/ Each file must not exceed 128Mb – if your file is larger, break this file down to several files.

3/ Youtube can be played back provided it is NOT set to private viewing within YouTube.

4/ Always play the complete video BEFORE your conference meeting to ensure everything works smooth.

Power Point – Presentation Playback

Now please follow these guide lines.

1/ Each .pps file must not exceed 128Mb – if your file is larger, break this file down to several files.

2/ Ensure BEFORE uploading the file to your conference room the file is NOT PASSWORD protected.

3/ The presentation player can be set to play each slide automatically or manually by the moderator using the player controls >> or << (as per image above) or by selecting the miniature preview slides on the left side of the screen. 4/ Moderators can choose to optimize the screen to show full screen of the presentation to guests by choosing full screen mode. 5/ Every presentation should be played through by the moderator at least once prior to any conference meeting to ensure the playback is smooth without issues. 6/ Most marketers suggest the moderator turn off his/her webcam to ensure the audience focus is on the presentation slides and not you.

Now the last tip for this post is regarding the drawing panel as seen by moderators during the presentation.

For obvious reasons, the drawing panel enables Moderators to write or draw directly onto the power point slide as would be the case to highlight a product feature etc.

If the drawing panel is not desired, simply click the hide button as shown in the image above.

Alright, there we have it for today’s Video and Presentation playback tips.

If you need any further assistance, visit our FAQ, User Manual webpages or indeed customer’s can of course contact us via the Conference V3 Help Desk.

I’m Anthony Hosking, thanks for coming by our blog.

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iPRO Conference V3 Webinar Software With Collaboration Tools On Demand


Much more than the traditional and familiar “video bridge” used by the big end of town.  iPRO Conference V3 brings together three key attributes for the enterprise video conferencing user in :
• iPRO Conference V3 is a cloud-based service.
• iPRO Conference V3 provides exceptionally strong video conferencing SAAS
with VoIP Audio.
• iPRO Conference V3 is offered by iPROConference Communications established in 2004 with customers coming from many business type sectors all over the world

Benefit #1:  Unlimited Use, room seating scalable and guest’s pay nothing unless you the customer sets a fee. iPRO Conference V3 is a cross platform and works on PC, Mac and Linux operating systems with Adobe Flash player.

Benefit #2:  Ease of Use
iPRO Conference V3 is web based hosted video conferencing software.

Benefit #3:  Quality Audio and Video Streaming
One to many or 4 locations streaming A/V to many with built in Audio and soon dial in from Skype or regular telephone or mobile phone.

Benefit #4:  Simple and Effective Cost & Support Structure
because iPRO Conference V3 is a cloud based offering, there is no
required hardware or software to be purchased.

Instead, customers simply subscribe to the service.  Customers have the
flexibility to scale up and down as their needs change.

Benefit #5:  Supports Data Collaboration
Visual communications isn’t always 100% about video.  Business meetings, customer presentations, and training sessions often involve some form of data collaboration.

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