Video Conference V3.2.9 Officially Released



Where excited to migrate all conference rooms across to the new upgraded version as new servers clusters have been built – completion will be as from today.

More details pertaining to the new version will be posted and / or emailed as soon as possible and later the webpages will be updated accordingly to reflect these changes.

IMPORTANT – When the new version arrives on your screen (V3.2.9) YOU MUST SELECT CONTR F5 on your keyboard or use the REFRESH button on your web browser to update your web browser cache.

ALL YOUR PREVIOUS VISITORS SHOULD DO THIS ALSO to ensure a clean fresh plug-in install.

For example, enter the conference url into the web browser, wait for he load sequence and sign in. Then SELECT CONTR F5 or the web browser fresh button and repeat the process.

Make sure you ALWAYS have a copy locally of anything you have uploaded to our servers, power point etc.

All Inquiries / Assistance – Please Use The Help Desk Ticket System
We appreciate and thank you for your business.

Anthony Hosking and Client Services Team Group