IOS Apple Tablet Web Conferencing

tabCurrently you don’t need actual application for our rooms on Apple tablets. All your need is install Adobe Flash browser:

We are testing different kinds of browsers in order to find the most convenient and this moment can assure you that Puffin browser is among leaders –

Please be advised that at the moment we are still in process of development and beta-testing of our own iOS – application, further product updates will be forth coming in the near future.

Thank you
Anthony Hosking CEO

Failed Payment -Policy Change

Well here we are in February already can you believe it.


Now just a quick post to inform our  customer’s of a company policy change in that future failed payments will see immediate service suspension.

We’ve been cutting the slack for years and allowing the service to continue another 3 days to see whether the payment is processed successfully or not before suspending the service, then waiting another 3 days for PayPal’s final payment attempt.

Clearly this is in response to a small minority of our customers who repeatedly miss their obligation on a monthly basis whereas the majority of our world wide customer’s do the right the thing and pay there account on time.

In addition, paying on time eliminates service disruption and avoids wasteful administration time on our side.

Many thanks for your co-operation and indeed your continued business 🙂

Anthony – CEO

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