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Introducing Conference V3, a cost-effective way to improve you and your team’s productivity, streamline your communications and enhance your customer satisfaction, either from the office, home or out on the road.

Save time, money and expense with live audio video conferencing with synchronised integrated real-time collaboration.

Share PowerPoint® presentations, video’s, applications, web browser windows, files and even your desktop while video conferencing in your own virtual meeting environment.

Perfect for businesses with multiple locations or for collaborating with partners, customers, and vendors. Conference V3 is easy to use and best of all, invite your participants to join your virtual conference meeting FREE with no messy complicated download to worry about!

Feel free to contact myself or indeed our representatives regarding any questions you might have.

You can also browse our website or submit a ticket.

Thank you once again,

Anthony Hosking – CEO

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  1. cuanto es el precio para Cali Colombia y como se paga nensual o anual?
    cuales son los requisitos?
    puedo usarla para hablar con mas de mil personas o mas?


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