Live Stream Your Web Conference Directly to Facebook!

First, let’s consider the utility of Facebook as a business marketing tool. The site, with 1.71 billion active users using it each month and 1.13 billion daily active users on average, far exceeds any other social media tool.

When you place videos, especially Live sessions on your Facebook page, people tune in. Viewers typically spend three times as long watching a video that’s live than when the video isn’t.

Video is a big deal, just look at the numbers:

When you do a live webinar broadcast, your business becomes personable, and you become more than a logo or a slogan. Your brand comes to life.

Are you hosting a Web conference seminar? If your company is hosting any type of event such as a product or service launch that would be beneficial for your social media audience to watch or even participate in, capitalize on it on Facebook Live.

Live Stream your Web Conference Directly to Facebook!

Our web conferencing platform runs In partnership with Facebook in delivering an outstanding live Stream for you and your business model.

Stream Live to Facebook and increase your Sales, Attendees and Viewership.

For example even if you have 5 people on your webinar your live broadcast can go viral! If those 5 attendees share your live feed, and each one of these 5 attendees has 1000 friends in their friends list. You have a potential of reaching 5000+ viewers.

This incredible ability to Stream live to Facebook via your own web conference meeting comes as a powerful standard and is included in our packages.

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