WebConference App for Android Devices

Webconference App for Android

WebConference App for Android Devices

conference-appAttend meetings, webinars, and virtual classroom meetings with the new WebConference App.

View and participate – See Text ,Video with audio and more….  (Hosting meetings requires an WebConference App account.) Learn more about WebConference App and sign up for a free trial here http://www.ConferenceV3.com)

Video Conferencing Webcam Stream Image Option

Our video conferencing software obviously streams your webcam and additional guests when in simultaneous audio video duplex mode.

Otherwise in normal mode say during a Power Point presentation mode your webcam can be streaming you for your audience to see you or you may decide to turn this off all together.

But did you know there is an option to upload a picture of your choice to use instead of streaming your own webcam image or indeed use one of our preloaded images.

Inside your video conference room, select Settings Button, Select Webcam, Choose a preloaded image picture or upload your own, then Select Yes to use image picture.

In addition, we have preloaded overlays for your chosen image picture if you wish to use this.

The description above is often favored by many presenters as it servers to minimize distraction for your guest students to focus on the message or presentation and not on the presenter as such.

Therefore, one might start the conference presentation initially with their webcam streaming then resort to the webcam image picture option. In the end, the choice is yours.

Happy Video Web Conferencing,

Anthony Hosking