Web Conference App – Download Now

Based on overwhelming feedback from our customers, we now have a New
WebConference App that is ready for your guests to use. This application (App) is simply called WebConference.


Our WebConference App will work on both Apple and Android Smartphones, Tablets and many other devices.

WebConference App allows your guest’s, customers, students and the like to attend YOUR conference meeting.

The App allows attendees to view the conference room, text chat and speak with audio / video cam depending on the Host’s room’s settings.

Note – the mobile user does not have permissions and cannot moderate the conference room).

Where can l get the App?

For Android devices please go to your Google play store. Android users can enter this search name air.me.webconference or visit this website from the android device. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.me.webconference

Webconference App for Android

Webconference App for Android





Apple users need to visit there Apple Store on the device and enter the word search “WebConference” or visit this website from the devices web browser.







To identify the correct app The Web Conference App looks like the image logos above.

How to Access the WebConference App.

Guests will need your Room ID # ONLY and Room Password if you have a room password set.

For example :
A conference room looks like below :

Conference Room Pc Video Conference

Only enter – the ROOM ID number 65666784
Enter the room “ALIAS” name.

And remember, enter the room password if your conference room is password protected.




Web conference room-App






Web Conference Login-App






Conference Room Moderators can see guests attending via ios / android devices as shown.



If you have any questions or encounter issues while using the App please notify us via our help desk at http://www.conferencetm.com/helpdesk.html

Kind regards,
Anthony Hosking
Founder / Managing Director


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